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Quick Tips

Get started today on your path to career success. Below are some quick tips to inspire your job search.

Decide To Be Positive

  • While it’s natural to be discouraged after losing a job, don’t let negativity take over
  • See your situation as an opportunity to start a better, more satisfying career path
  • Keep your relationships positive, and leave on good terms with supervisors and co-workers from your previous employment. They may be able to assist you secure future job opportunities
  • Be upbeat in job interviews. A positive attitude will be evident to potential employers!

Getting Started On Your
Job Search

  • Identify your skills. What skills did you learn or develop at your previous job? What are your strengths? Use these things to point you in the right direction as you begin your search.
  • Eighty percent of position openings are not posted to job boards. So network with everyone you can think of – friends, neighbors, professional contacts. Let everyone know that you are seeking job opportunities.
  • Individualize your resume to fit the different types of jobs you are applying for.
  • Be relaxed and conversational in job interviews. Don’t view interviews as interrogations. Instead, listen well and ask for clarification if you aren’t sure what you’re being asked.