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Work Experience Program (WEP)

The Work Experience Program (WEP) is an internship program that provides participants with the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills and work habits that increase the potential for employment success.  The interns are given the opportunity to experience real world on the job training to help them seamlessly progress from the internship environment to independent employment and self sufficiency.

WEP interns receive benefits through the Department of Job & Family Services, such as food and/or cash assistance.  In order to maintain these benefits, they must engage in work readiness activities, such as an internship.  Participants in this program are followed by the Internship Coordinator, Renee Menssen.  Once an intern is identified as appropriate for a particular site, a resume is sent to the site supervisor for consideration.  After interviewing the intern, the site supervisor decides if this person is well suited to the position.  If the intern is appropriate for the site, a work schedule is developed.   The site supervisor is responsible for instructing and supervising.  Interns sign a Commitment Agreement indicating their obligation to the WEP site.


Site visits and evaluations are conducted on a regular basis.  Job responsibilities can change as the intern becomes more acclimated to the position.


Please contact Renee Menssen at 740-833-2347 for more information on the Work Experience Program.