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Employers spend an average of 10 seconds scanning an applicant's resume. You'll need to write a resume that captures their attention by showcasing your skills and accomplishments.


To be successful in your job search, you’ll need a resume that passes through Applicant Tracking Systems as well as impresses a hiring manager.  To do this, sync your resume with the employer's job description and matching keywords.  Your resume should clearly explain how you meet the minimum requirements for the job and what kind of success you can bring to the role.

There are different formats of resumes, so choose one that works best for you.  If you have stable work history with little gaps in employment, a chronological resume will work.  If you don’t have work history to explain, or you have gaps in employment, try a functional resume, as explained here.  Finally, a happy medium for all job seekers is a combination style resume which focuses on skills, abilities, and accomplishments, and summarizes work experience.

  Whatever format of resume you choose, be sure that the information you input is both relevant and valuable.  Your resume is not an all-inclusive list of every job you’ve held or every skill you’ve developed, but rather the most important information that expresses that you can do the job.  Proofread your resume for spelling and grammar errors, and make sure that it makes sense to the reader.  Avoid non-standard fonts and using color or images.  Most job seekers only need a 1-page resume.



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Resources to Optimize Keywords
in Job Descriptions with your Resume


Wordle Word Cloud

Go to:

Copy & paste the job description into the text box

Click "Go" and a word cloud will be created.

The largest words in the cloud should be the keywords listed on your resume.


Resunate:  The Smart Resume Builder

Go to:

Copy and paste your resume into the box on the left, and copy and paste the job description into the box on the right.

Click "Scan"


Overall Impression and Key Skills will generate

How accurate is the description?  What information is gathered from your resume?


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