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We provide access to current regional labor market and economic information so that you can make informed decisions about the future.

When planning a career change, researching local labor market information is important.  What jobs are in demand?  What is the average salary for those jobs?  What type of training is necessary?

Use the following resources to find all of this information:

  • Updated labor market information by geography, industry, and size of firm
  • Wage information by occupation
  • Employment statistics by industry
  • Education and training outlook

Our staff can help you understand how local economic trends and labor market information can affect you. Contact us to speak to an experienced Employment Counselor.

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These links give you access to local and national labor market trends including consumer spending, unemployment rates, economic data, and more.

Ohio Labor Market Information

U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

State of Ohio Working & Employment 

Additional Labor Market Research

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Occupational Profiles With Wages And Skills

Occupations By Education And Wages


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