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We can help you achieve your training and education goals.


Our goal is for you to return to work in a good paying job as soon as possible.  We will help you make the most of your existing experience and skills and jointly develop a career plan to help you re-enter employment.  At times, we may recommend you obtain additional training to increase your job readiness and marketability.

Under WIOA, eligible job seekers who are unemployed or underemployed, and in need of short-term occupational skills training, may receive an Individual Training Account (ITA).  Training may be made available to individuals after an assessment determines that the individual requires training to obtain employment or remain employed.  The goal of any training through WIOA is to lead to an industry-recognized certification, license, credential, or degree, and should assist job seekers in becoming employed at a self-sufficient wage.  All training must be less than 24 months and be received through an Eligible Training Provider.


Examples of training that our clients have successfully completed include:  IT Certifications (CompTIA A+, Cisco CCNA, etc.), Dental Assisting with Radiographer’s License, State Tested Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, CDL-A, Project Management (PMP and Lean Six Sigma).


The above instances are only examples of the types of training services acceptable under WIOA!  Training services allowed will be on a case-by-case basis of appropriateness.  Not all job seekers who are eligible for training will receive training services.  WIOA is not an entitlement program – even if an individual is eligible for services, funding may not be appropriate.  Appropriateness will be determined by a review of barriers, work history, labor market information, and existing skills and interests.


If you're interested in additional education or training, stop by the Employment Center to complete WIOA Orientation.  No appointment is necessary to complete orientation, but please allow 30-45 minutes to view the video and complete paperwork.



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