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Employers look for and hire people they think will help the company succeed. Employers have expectations of their team members and will hire people who will most likely meet or exceed expectations.

Employers will go to great lengths to get a good understanding of who you are  – from contacting references to background checks. They will look for core values, actions, and accomplishments in your professional and personal life as indicators of your suitability to join their team.
From the first time you meet, employers will judge you based on your first impression, so make it a good one! They will look for people with relatively clean background checks, reasonable credit history, and those who do not abuse drugs. 


Look through the expectation prism from the employer’s perspective and increase your likelihood of getting and keeping a job.


Remember, employers want to know the answers to two primary questions:  Can you do the job? Will you do the job?


In addition to your skills and abilities, employers want to know you have good work ethic to work successfully and add value to their team.


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