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OhioMeansJobs - Delaware provides funding assistance to help employers train its existing workforce.  Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) is designed to increase workers skills so it is cost effective to retain them and reduce the need for layoffs.


This employer service provides funds to avert layoff by assisting businesses upgrade the skills of incumbent workers, introduce new technology, and to retain existing businesses in Ohio. Incumbent trainees will also benefit by learning new skills or technology, earning credentials, and increasing their earnings potential.

Project Priorities

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Address a strategy to avoid layoff or closure (mandatory)
  • Identify a model which may prove to make Delaware County's workforce more competitive.
  • Address a means by which employees will achieve a significant upgrade in skill
  • Address skill shortages
  • Address high-skill occupations leading to enhanced career pathways
  • Serve an industry or program targeted by Delaware County
  • Address a significant occupational demand

Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program - Click Here for details










Program Design

The project must include an employer contribution of at least 50% of the total cost of training, unless utilizing the customized training waiver, in which case the match may be no lower than 10%. Either a cash or in-kind contribution of goods or services provided by the applicant employer is an acceptable match.

All projects will be performance-based, with specific measurable outcomes for both participants (i.e. wage increase, job retention, and new skills) and employers (i.e. avert layoff or closure).

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