Ohio Works First
Job Network Counties

Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program (CCMEP)

All work-eligible individuals ages 16-24 are required to participate in CCMEP
effective July 1, 2016, as a condition of participating in Ohio Works First (OWF) and
receiving TANF Cash Assistance. 

CCMEP is designed to help the emerging workforce prepare for and find meaningful employment as well as to create a "Common Client Experience" to best serve our customers.  Individuals will undergo a comprehensive assessment to address supportive service needs and potential barriers to employment, as well as skills and interests assessments to evaluate strengths and weaknesses and assist in career exploration.

From there, an Individual Opportunity Plan (IOP) will be formulated to identify goals and strategies to meet those goals.  Referrals to external agencies, such as mental health counseling or drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs, may be required for a participant.  Participants are provided services to support goals outlined in their individual opportunity plan, which may include support to obtain a high school diploma, job placement, work experience, and other  supportive services such as child care and transportation. Failure to meet requirements set forth in the IOP may result in sanctions for public assistance.

The following groups of individuals may volunteer to participate in CCMEP if they are interested:

  • Individuals ages 16-24 who are receiving TANF but are not work-required 
  • Individuals ages 16-24 who are in receipt of PRC funding


Please contact your assigned Employment Counselor for more information.