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Basic Computer Skills

Job seekers need fundamental computer skills to look for jobs, apply for jobs, and to retain employment.

"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them." - Isaac Asimov


Basic requirements for most jobs include:

  • A basic understanding of how computers work
  • Typing – quickly & accurately
  • Creating documents in a word processing program
  • Utilizing email and the internet
  • The ability to use additional technology such as scanners or printers

Across the board, most industries require computer literacy as a must-have skill.  Without the basic computer skills that employers need and want, it will be more difficult to find work.  Good news is, these skills can be learned easily and in a short period of time.  Once you master the basics, you can continue to learn more software and programs and continue to build your skills.


There are computers in the Employment Center equipped with Windows 7 & Microsoft Office 2013 products for you to develop and build your computer proficiency.



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